Monuments & Memorials

Conservation and restoration of a wide variety of monuments and memorials has been undertaken by Mareva Conservation for over a decade.  These range from large monuments, tombs with effigy figures to small wall tablets.  These objects reflect not only the people and events in local and national history, but they are a significant record of the development of sculptural styles throughout the centuries.

Each monument entrusted to our care is thoroughly assessed, a provisional report is compiled detailing the condition, causes of deterioration and proposals for treatment.

The utmost care that all materials comprising the makeup of the monument, such as alabaster, marble, limestones that can be polished, slate, granite etc. are treated in the appropriate manner and that only compatible conservation/restoration materials and techniques are used.  We also apply the best conservation practice to treat polychrome (painted and gilded) surfaces. 

Treats range from minimal intervention to full dismantling and rebuild where required.