Tomb to Richard & Margaret Verney

Medieval tomb to Richard and Margaret Verney; 1530; alabaster effigy figures; alabaster & black marble plaques with engraved gilded lettering; Compton Verney

Extensive conservation treatment was required as well as outsourcing some sections of missing black ‘marble’. The cleaning was undertaken in stages and different conservation cleaning techniques were used while taking utmost care not to affect the alabaster substrate. After leaning, gilding of the engraved lettering was undertaken with 23.5 carat gold leaf. This was a very delicate and time consuming process as the lettering was very fine and shallow. All areas of missing pointing were re-pointed and new sections of black marble inserted into the pilasters. A protective layer of wax was applied to the surface upon the completion of the treatment.


Compton Verney

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Before treatment
After treatment