Mareva Conservation undertakes a variety of projects specialising in conservation and restoration of monuments, memorials, war memorials, coats of arms, sculptures, works of art (including paintings, icons, hatchments etc.) and historic buildings (architectural features, murals & wall paintings, historic ceilings, historic floors, tiles, mosaics).

We are committed to the highest standards of conservation and restoration work by utilising the skills and dedication of our conservators and other specialists (stone carvers, gilders etc.).  With their excellent craft skills, knowledge of science and extensive experience of different materials both organic (wood, ivory, bone) as well as inorganic (marble, alabaster, limestone, sandstone, granite, terracotta, ceramics, plaster, blue john, metal etc.)  We are able to work with all polychrome / painted, monochrome and gilded surfaces.

Through continuous learning, adhering to conservation ethics and a deep understanding and appreciation of art and history, we approach each project in a holistic way and devise a treatment that is the most sympathetic to the object / project while considering all other associated issues.  Solutions often require challenging remedies and our team is able to provide innovative and unique approaches as well as using traditional methods to achieve the best conservation / restoration results.

Depending on the type of project we select the most appropriate techniques and materials such as dry conservation cleaning methods (including using conservation laser systems), wet cleaning methods (solvents, solvent solutions, poultices, etc.), structural treatments (consolidation, adhesion, filling etc.) and many more.