Memorial to R Moket

Large wall memorial to Richard Moket containing engraved black 'marble' tablet in decorated alabaster frame, columns, Corinthian capitals, coats of arms; 1618

The memorial was heavily soiled and structurally damaged. Missing stone sections that were visually disfiguring the memorial were remodeled and in-painted. The whole monument was cleaned. Several conservation cleaning techniques were used to remove a thick layer of soiling from the surface. Different materials (marble, alabaster, polishable limestone etc.) required different techniques that were appropriate to that particular stone. A stubborn black layer of soiling was carefully removed with the use of a laser system.
Original surviving polychromy was preserved, cleaned and where required, it was sensitively in-painted. Mareva Conservation not only achieved to conserve / restore this wonderful monument but also to keep its integrity.


All Souls College, Oxford

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Before treatment
After treatment