Monument to Lord R Dormer

Full wall tomb monument to Lord Robert Dormer & his family; built after his death in 1616; alabaster, polishable limestones / marbles, medieval polychromy

The whole monument was heavily soiled with surface and ingrained dirt. The black 'marble' inscription tablet was bloomed. The lettering was fragile in some areas. The same applied to some of the polychromy in other sections of the monument. In many areas the polychromy was missing. The gold paint seemed to be a more recent addition. Old cleaning tests were present in several areas (front view) of the monument. Some alabaster sections were broken and needed reattachment. Other sections were in their original place but structurally unstable (coats of arms in the uppermost part of the monument). There were several areas of missing pointing. Some areas of architectural details were broken, chipped and damaged as a result of accidental damage.The arch above the inscription contained areas of past treatments. There are two replacement alabaster sections the arch next to the key stone. There were areas of gaps between stones and missing pointing in the monument. The pilasters contain areas of delaminating stone.

The surface cleaning was undertaken in several stages to ensure a gradual process that was the most sympathetic to the different materials and polychromy of the monument.  Further surface and structural treatments were undertaken where appropriate.


All Saints Church, Wing

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Before treatment
After treatment