Large Urn

Elkington electroplated urn

Condition: Heavily tarnished; preferential tarnishing in many areas; large dark grey patches (some peeling off); corrosion and copper corrosion (on the base & inside); paint splashes (silver underneath heavily oxidised – dark grey in colour); green accretions; lacquered – a layer of coating on the surface (heavily discoloured); soiling in crevices; dents, scratches & abrasions

Treatment: The surface was first swabbed with White Spirit on cotton wool. A paste containing dichloromethane was then used to remove the heavily discoloured lacquer layer; contact time 30 seconds; removed with White Spirit on cotton wool. The surface was thoroughly cleaned with White Spirit. A silver cloth was gently used to aid with the removal of the final tarnish layer which was under the coating. A thin layer of wax was applied on the clean surface as a protective layer.


Wolverhampton Art Gallery

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Large Urn Before Treatment
Large Urn After Treatment