War Memorial, Aston

Limestone cenotaph - a free standing WW1 Memorial; carved inscriptions on all sides; a small painted relief plaque & a carved cross at the front

Conservation surface and structural treatment was undertaken in order to bring the war memorial to its original appearance. The cleaning as well as the overall conservation treatment was undertaken in stages to ensure a gradual process that was the most sympathetic to the limestone and the bronze plaques. It involved removal of surface soiling, removal of bio growth, removal of bronze staining with appropriate conservation poultices and removal of a dark sulphate crust layer. All pointing was checked, loose and damaged pointing carefully removed and then all of the areas of open joints were re-pointed with appropriate lime mortar. Old disfiguring and failing fills were removed and all areas of missing stone substrate were refilled. Surface soiling and an old wax layer was removed from the bronze plaques. A protective wax layer was then applied to preserve their surface.


Aston Parish Church, Birmingham

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