Lee Grandjean's Sculpture

Modern cubist-like free standing sculpture on a base; by Lee Grandjean; 1987; Untitled; Lapine limestone; Public Art - Birmingham City Council

The sculpture contained layers of white paint, graffiti, dark surface soiling and was damaged in many areas. Extensive structural and surface restoration was required as the research showed that the sculpture was not meant to be painted and also, it suffered with extensive inappropriate repairs that were accelerating the degradation of the sculpture.

Removal of the white coatings and extensive cleaning was undertaken. Different cleaning techniques were used resulting in a successful removal of the graffiti, paint layers and dirt. However, it became apparent that the limestone surface was heavily stained in many areas. Most of the staining was removed. Only in areas where the full removal of the staining would have harmed the limestone, the staining was not removed fully. After cleaning, all old repairs which were executed in the past with resin fillers used for the repairs of floors and bathrooms were fully removed. An utmost care was taken not to affect the limestone substrate and only remove the hard resinous material. After successful removal of all the old fills, all areas of missing stone substrate were refilled with breathable permeable stone filler which is compatible with limestone. This filler was coloured to match the surrounding stone and modeled to achieve the perfect shape. Due to the high risk of graffiti, anti-graffiti coating was applied. The sculpture is now stable and true to its original appearance.


Birmingham City Council

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Before treatment
After treatment