Bust of Matthew Davenport Hill

Marble; 1867

Executed by order of the Birmingham City Council; M D Hill (1792-1872) was the eldest borther of Rowland Hill, a notable barrister and a successful reformer of criminal law; the was the first record for Birmingham
Condition: the surface was very soiled with dark dirt particles; stubborn dirt was present in hardly accessible areas; wax residues were found in some areas and yellow liquid drop marks; surface appeared patchy and uneven (colour-wise); structurally sound
Treatment: 1) Cleaning tests; 2) Loose dirt removed with a brush and a vacuum cleaner; 3) Steam cleaner used to remove the layer of dirt as well as the old wax layer; the pressure was adjusted accordingly; the process was repeated twice to achieve even surface clean; 4) Two layers of Renaissance wax were applied as a protective layer after the stone dried thoroughly.


 Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

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Bust of Matthew Davenport Hill Before Treatment
Bust of Matthew Davenport Hill After Treatment