Scagliola Slate Panel

A slate panel inlaid with scagliola; geometrical and floral motifs; Egyptian Hall, Stowe House

Structural as well as surface treatment was required to bring the scagliola panel to its original appearance and to create a contrast between the colourful inlay and the background, which was meant to be originally black. The cleaning was undertaken in stages to ensure a gradual process that was the most sympathetic to the panel and involved the following: removal of all the soiling and removal of white paint splashes. The original dark colour of the slate was reinstated with tinted wax. Structural treatment involved adhesion of broken section. Due to the length of the panel, additional form of support was required. This was achieved by making perfectly fitting brackets made of pewter and in-painting them to make them blend in. Delaminating inlays were consolidated and all areas of missing inlays were filled. A number of pigments were used to colour the fills appropriately. Deep scratches were filled as in the same manner as described above. The shallower and less pronounced scratches were made less obvious with the use of tinted waxes. A protective layer of wax was applied upon the completion of the structural and surface treatment to preserve the surface of this lovely panel.


Stowe House

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Before treatment
After treatment