Historic floor - stone slab

Square stone slab; sandstone; the Buttery, All Souls College, Oxford

A structural repair / restoration of a stone slab (from the floor in the Buttery) was undertaken as it was unsafe to walk on. The slab was not only restored but also made structurally stronger in order to withstand the pressure it is put under on a daily basis. In regard to the surface finish, the aged surface was retained as it matches with the other sandstone slabs on the floor in the Buttery. After restoration, the slab was imbedded back in its original place

In regard to the ethical issues associated with conservation, structural restoration was recommended by Mareva Conservation, rather than replacement of the slab as recommended by non-conservation firms. This recommendation was given as the restoration repair was doable and it was important to keep the integrity of the historic floor and retain the original material (slab) rather than replace it with a new one that would not match the rest of the floor (as it is no longer possible to find a perfectly matching stone).


All Souls College, Oxford

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During treatment - all sections taken apart and old deteriorated fills removed
After treatment