Historic Floor, Compton Verney

Historic floor, limestone, Palladian-style chapel by Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown, 1776-9, Compton Verney

An assessment was undertaken after a modern art installation event took place in the chapel and caused staining to the floor. The staining (green, yellow and orange in colour) was caused by stained rice that was spread over the floor during installation and consequently stained it. Although, upon initial recommendations, the whole flooring was thoroughly cleaned and all the remaining rice and loose stained particles were removed (to prevent further staining), the floor remained visibly stained (images attached).

Conservation cleaning tests were undertaken to determine whether the staining could be removed. A combination of a several conservation cleaning methods provided a very satisfactory result during which all the staining was removed as well as other soiling which was covering the surface of the slabs prior to the staining.


Compton Verney

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Before treatment (orange/green/yellow staining)
During treatment (left slab before cleaning, right slab after cleaning)